Regency’s Square Deluxe Floats are the perfect way to take full advantage of all the space in your Float, without the round cut off you can use every inch of your Float. The Square Deluxe Floats share the same inclusions as the Deluxe Floats, however, with a Square Deluxe you gain a bunk bed in the size of a double bed above the kitchen.

This model is available in Warmblood sizing in the 2 Horse Angle Load, extended height available in all models.

The Square Deluxe Range shares the same inclusions as the Deluxe Range, such as, 12v and 240v power, exterior power socket, external tap, classic exterior paint, 95L water tank, break away system, 3 x or 2 x drop down windows, large sliding windows with fly screen, 2 x pop up vents,

Premium kitchen, benchtop, sink, tap, draws, wardrobe, 1 meter high rubber on wall, large swing out tack box, over rear rug racks, water pump, spare tins of paint

and of course the top bunk above the kitchen as well as barrier beds, making the 3 HAL able to sleep 5 and the 2 HAL able to sleep 4. Alike all models this model also includes the H Block Interlocking Aluminium Flooring with extra steel struts under the bays, the floor is then lined with 20ml anti slip rubber.

Custom orders are always welcome. Interstate delivery available, please contact Regency for a quote.

Keep an eye out on the “stock!” page for any deals.

Base Prices:

  • Square 2 HAL LUX – $22,995.00
  • Square 3 HAL LUX – $23,495.00
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