Regency provides all new floats with a 48 month structural warranty on the aluminum floor, steel frame, chassis & suspension of your horse float. All other items on our float are covered by a 12 month Warranty.

  1. This warranty is valid from the initial date of sale providing that the horse float has only been used for its intended purpose and all manufactures operation limits and guidelines have been observed. Warranty is not transferable.
  2. This warranty excludes components such as Tyres, brakes, bearings, rubber floor, padded dividers and any other items which are deemed to be normal wear and tear items.
  3. Any repairs to the horse float must be authorised by Regency Floats via written approval. Failure to do so may result in warranty claims being denied.
  4. To ensure that our warranty conditions are being met please ensure you read and follow the guidelines in our Float Maintenance sheet.
  5. During normal use movement can occur and water leaks may appear in the float. It the responsibility of the float owner to periodically check for leaks which must be rectified immediately. Any damage occurring to the paintwork or frame due to water leaks not being attended to is specifically excluded from our warranty.
  6. Regency Floats reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims, and it will be the customers responsibility to deliver the Horse float to either Regency Floats or an approved repairers premises for inspection and repairs if needed.
  7. Warranty will be void if proper maintenance and upkeep of the Horse float is not kept to a proper standard.*
  8. Warranty will be void if the initial 1,500km preventative service is not carried out and a receipt is not kept to confirm such a service was performed.
  9. This warranty is void in the event of commercial use of a Regency Float including commercial hire, using the float for purposes other than the transport of a horse, unauthorised modifications to the horse float, overloading, improper use of the horse float and failure to observe operation limits and guidelines.
  10. Regency Floats use hot dipped galvanized steel for most steel parts of the float. The floor is Aluminum. Galvanising helps to stop the process of rust forming, however it does not prevent rust in certain situations. If chemicals, acids or salt water gets on the float then it should be washed of immediately. Also any scratches and stone chips that can penetrate the galvanising should be treated and painted immediately to help prevent rust forming. This warranty does not cover rust forming in the horse float due to the above situations and does not cover general wear and tear of the horse float. This includes horses chewing, scratching, pawing or kicking to the horse float and the use of any feed buckets and hay nets in or attached to the horse float.
  11. Regency Floats reserves the right to make changes to floats currently in production and assumes no obligation to apply these changes to previous models produced.
  12. This warranty supersedes all other expressed or implied warranties. No person is authorised to give or make changes to this warranty on behalf of Regency Floats. Nor are they to assume Regency Floats have any other liability in connection with any of its products unless made in writing and signed by the proprietor of Regency Floats.
  13. Regency Floats accept no liability for loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of the Horse float in a manner other than recommended by Regency Floats and Trailers. Nor does Regency Floats accept any consequential liabilities or damages arising from the use of the horse float separately or in combination with any other equipment or materials.
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